The History of Pugs

The pug is one of the oldest breeds and belongs to a select group of eight breeds tracing back to Ancient China. They date as far back as the Han-Tang Dynasty around 150 BC. The breed was refined for hundreds of years for the sole purpose of entertaining the inhabitants of the Imperial City. The breed was also the pet of the Buddhist monasteries in Tibet. It next appeared in Japan, and then in Europe, where it became the favorite for various royal courts.

In Holland the Pug became the official dog of the House of Orange after one of the breed saved the life of William, Prince of Orange, by giving alarm at the approach of the Spaniards in 1572. An effigy of the monarch with his pug at his feet is carved over William's tomb.

The pug's popularity spread to France in the 1790's where Josephine, wife of Napoleon, depended on her pug Fortune to carry secret messages under his collar to her husband during her imprisonment. It is said that Fortune bit the future emperor when he entered the bedchamber on his wedding night.

British soldiers attacked the Imperial Palace in Peking in 1820 and dogs of the pug and pekinese type were brought back to England. This was the first time since the early 16th century that dogs in any great number had been brought out of China.

In 1886, black pugs were imported from China and exhibited for the first time in England.

This compact and clownish dog is well described by the phrase multum in parvo which means a lot of dog in a small space. While the breed is small, it requires no coddling. While we all know the pug rules, his greatest role in life is to be near his humans and to make them happy. This dog will be endless entertainment with his "hot laps" around the coffee table, enticing you to chase him, playing hide and seek, and cuddling up with you on the couch as you watch television or read your favorite book.  It would seem the pug remains a puppy at heart his entire life.

The Pug was accepted for registration with the American Kennel Club in 1885.

How could you not fall in love with a face like this?