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PUG LOVERS WARNING - be advised that pugs are like potato chips - you can't have just one!

Pikes Peak Pugs & Other Mugs to Hug (located near Woodland Park, CO) was formed to meet the overwhelming demand for pugs and other pets looking for a forever home. Our objective is to ensure each and every puppy or adult dog in our program is kept and cared for as a family member in a humane manner and given appropriate shelter and medical care for the duration of its life.


A $250 non-refundable deposit will be required to hold your pug puppy of choice.  Deposits are not accepted until the puppy is between four and five weeks old.  We accept Paypal and major credit cards with a processing fee of 4% .  If you wish to use this method for your deposit and/or final payment, let us know.


A four-week return guarantee and a one-year genetic health guarantee are provided with your new puppy.  Each puppy will also come with a gift bag of goodies to include transition food, dish, collar, blanket, framed picture collage, and toys.  Each puppy will have received two wormings and his/her first puppy shot with proof.


We provide pet quality pugs and pug mixes to approved homes.  The demand far exceeds the supply.  We do not register any of our puppies but you will be provided with pictures of the parents or the parents will be on site to meet.

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Thank you to our troops and their families for your many sacrifices.  We here at Pikes Peak Pugs do not take our freedom for granted and we offer a $50 military discount to adopters.  We also offer a repeat adopter discount of $50.


If you have not heard from us within 24 hours of sending your contact form, please check your spam filter.


Please remember our fallen soldiers this Memorial Day




Arrived April 1, 2016

All Males

All Spoken For!

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On Hold for the Applegate Family

Oxford aka Stanley

Adopted by Silas and Candice

Pembroke aka Larry

On Hold for Evette & Jason


On Hold for Radu



Arrived April 14, 2016 / Ready June 9

All Spoken For!

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Three different colors


On Hold for Cheryl C


Pikes Peaks Pugs Keeping


On Hold for Ina H



Arrived April 25, 2016

1/5 French Bulldog 4/5 Pug

All Spoken For!

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Pugs are Patriotic!

  Olive's Puppies

 Four Weeks Old


for Phil & Rachel


for Scott P

Jackson aka Gibbs

for Nancy M


for Hattie P


 Arrived April 12, 2016

All Spoken For!



Pending Adoption

 Nathan B


Pending Adoption

Anissa C


Pending Adoption

Angie G


Pending Adoption

Jaimi K


Pending Adoption

 Laurie-Ann A


 Pending Adoption

Nichelle B






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